AFTER with Windmill palms, Crinum Sangria, Cycas Revoluta, Panzhihuensis, Snow Banana, Dioon Edule

                                                              Five 11-13' CT Windmill Palm

                                                            Eight 18-22' CT Windmill Palms 



                                                    AFTER Two 8' CT Texas Sabals

                                                       Three 15 Gal Silver Med Fans

                                                                        Three 8-12' Windmill

                                                      One 11' CT Windmill palm, Agave, Red Yucca

                                                                Triple 11'CT Windmill

                                                                            5' CT Pindo


                                                                    Single 5.5' CT Sago Palm

                                                                   Two 10-12' CT Windmill Palms

                                                                         One 11' CT Windmill Palm                                      


                                                                       Two 11-12' CT Windmill Palms        

                                          Two 10-11' CT Windmill Palms   One 2-3' CT Green Med Fan Palm

                                                         Cycad Hybrids in the Windmill forest